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Haled by all who use it as the strongest and lightest way to get your gear to the firing line.
The handle and wheels are quickly and easily removed and the whole rig will then fit into a small space.
  • Solid diamond tread tires never go flat.
  • Double ball bearing wheels.
  • Light weight aluminum handle.
  • Quick disconnect handle.
  • Quick disconnect wheels.
  • Solid aluminum axle and clamps.
  • Blue or Green Creedmoor Service Rifle Bag.
Ray-Vin Range Roller Blue $209.00
Ray-Vin Range Roller Green $209.00


The Ray-Vin Lo-Hooks3 Made from tough UHMW!
  • Lo-Hooks firmly secure your rifle while in transit and positions your weapon for better reach from sitting and prone positions.
  • The new draw-cleat locking system easily secures any size rifle.
  • The hooks clamp onto your shooting cart leg or cart handle. They are set at an angle to hold the rifle level when the stool is deployed.
  • Stainless steel hose clamps provided.
Lo-Hooks $29.95 (set of two).


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Ray-Vin Roll Kit $149.95

The Ray-Vin Wheel kit turns your shooting stool into gear transporter capable of navigating any range terrain.
Large 14" wheels with double ball bearings make rolling over turf and terrain an easy task.
The handle is quickly and easily removed with our quick handle clamps for transport to and from the range.
The wheels can be popped off too just by removing the retainers.
The kit consists of wheels, axle with clamps, handle with clamps and all necessary hardware.


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Axle kit only. Wheels, axle, mounting brackets and all hardware. $69


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Handle Kit only. Handle, quick clamps and all hardware. $85