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Case Kicker for Star Reloading Presses

The Case Kicker mounts directly to your Star Universal press.
The spring loaded fork accepts and holds the case in the shell plate at the taper crimp station.
On the down stroke, the ejector is set and when the die clears the case on the up stroke,
the case is ejected from the shell plate.
The fork returns to accept the next case before the dial indexes.
No modification to your base ring is required. This device was designed for use with .45ACP where taper crimp is used.
Prototype testers report it works equally well with .38 and 9mm.
Because the ejector fork is about 1/8" thick, your taper crimp die needs to have about 5/32 clearance above the shell plate.
If your taper crimp die comes down to the shell plate you will have to grind off the bottom of the die to provide clearance.
This page updated August 1, 2016
Please Note: There are two different bases observed for Star Universal Presses.

This is a removable powder cam base.

This is the integeral powder cam mount.

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Most Universals have the removable powder cam mount. If your press has the integral mount you will need a shorter mounting column for the case kicker.
Please note in the comments when you order which base you have and we will send the correct mounting column.

Star Case Kicker $79.00