Putting on the sling! Leather Sling Help

By Ray Brandes - Distinguished, Presidents 100, High Master

Instructions are shown for right handed shooter.

First, Clear your Weapon!

Here is a Turner sling disassembled so you can see the parts.

Your sling may not come to you assembled for competition use.

First, place both keepers on the front (long) loop as shown.

Second, slip the end of the long loop through the ring of the rear (short) loop making sure both frogs point the same way.

Third, bring the end of the front loop back through the keepers.

This is how your sling should look when it is off the rifle.

To mount the sling on the rifle, put the end of the front loop through the front sling swivel, from the front to the back, and hook the frog into your sitting rapid position holes (I use #9).

The frog will be on the rifle side of the sling.

Take the small rear frog and hook it through the rear sling swivel and then put it two holes back from the front frog.

Get the last set of holes lined up with the front sling swivel and pull the loop out straight to the ring in the rear loop.

Slide the keepers forward as far as they will go, but NEVER push them over three layers of sling.

This is the parade setting and it is what I use for offhand.

For sling supported positions, unhook the rear frog and pull the small loop out of the sling swivel.

Hook that frog into the small loop, otherwise the hooks will catch on all kinds of things!

Pull a bunch of the front loop into the area behind the keepers. This is where your arm will go.

Slide both keepers up to the front frog.

From the left side of the rifle, rotate the sling a half turn to the left and stick your left arm through the loop.

Notice where the frog is.

Slide the loop up your arm to just above your bicep.

Pull the lower portion of the front loop in front of the keepers to tighten.

The sling goes around the wrist and back to the bicep. Get the sling as high on your arm as possible.

The secondary function of the mitt is to cushion the back of your hand from the sling.

To remove the sling from the arm, pull on the upper portion of the front loop in front of the keepers.