Using the web sling.

By Ray Brandes - Distinguished, Presidents 100, High Master

Instructions are shown for right handed shooter.

Rigging the USGI Web Sling

First! Clear you weapon!

The USGI web sling is inexpensive, yet when properly fitted works just as well as the leather slings. It is good to know how to do this for that time at the Garand Match when you forgot to put your Turner sling on your M1! The web sling is a good choice when you don't want to put a $50 sling on your M1 Garand, '03, '03A3, M-1917 and M1 Carbine. Plus, on these rifles it is more authentic.

The clip-on end goes to the buttstock sling swivel and the adjustable end goes through the front sling swivel. The sling is rigged as shown. Pay attention to the direction of the buckle and the adjustor.

To put the sling on your arm, first remove the clip-on from the rear swivel. It is easier to do if you twist it rather than trying to pull it straight off.

Pull out the arm loop! This is the most important point. Many beginners use the wrong loop to put their arm through. See the second photo down for the loop your arm will go through.

Give the loop 1/2 turn to the left (CW with rifle pointed up) and put your left arm through. The sling goes through the buckle, under your arm, then back around to the buckle.

Position the sling where you want it on your arm and pull down on it to tighten it up. If pulling down does not tighten it, then you put your arm through the wrong way.

Open the adjuster by pulling up on the free end of the sling. Position the adjustor so it isn't bitting the back of your hand. Adjust sling tension by allowing more or less sling through the front swivel.

Now shoot some 10's & X's!

Web slings are available from:
Amherst Depot
Orion 7
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