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Ray-Vin Scope Stand Components
Ray-Vin A-Base Tripod Only

The Ray-Vin Tripod Base, Base Only.
The Hub is bored for 1" rods.
P-Post is 1".

A-Base $100
Ray-Vin F-Base Bipod Only

The Ray-Vin Bipod Base, Base Only.
The Hub is bored for 1" rods.

F-Base $100

Ray-Vin 9.5 Taper Thread Rod Sets

The Ray-Vin 9.5 taper thread is a most robust design. It is about impossible to cross thread.
The sections go together with just a couple of turns.
Even if the threads get a ding they still go together and continue to serve.
Threaded inserts are TIG welded into the prepared rods for concentricity.

24" Base Rod $40

24" Extension Rod $40

30" Base Rod $40

30" Extension $40

Rod sets include one base rod, one extension, one top knob and one base plug.

48" Rod Set $90

60" Rod Set $90

Eclipse Top Knob $10

Eclipse Base Plug $8

Eclipse Guide Bullet $8

Stop Collars

This allows you to position the stop collar on your scope stand to quickly locate your scope for prone position.
Acetel (delrin) with a stainless screw. Nothing to rust! Includes hex wrench.
Ray-Vin stop collar $10.00
1" Stop Collar $10.00
3/4" Stop Collar $10.00

Set of two(2) 3/4" diameter x 12" extensions for the tactical tripod.
(will not mate with our 1" rods)